Berets? No regrets.

Hello beautiful people, Happy New month x3. It’s my favorite month of the year mostly because It’s my birth month.

I missed blogging severely btw.

It’s been a tough month – from trying so desperately not to give in to final year project stress to working and simultaneously trying to joggle everything together while keeping my sanity in check.


Currently listening to Your choice – Lily Allen ft Burna boy.

Today’s outfit: Here I’m wearing a graphic t-shirt, ripped mom jeans, brogues and a brown beret alongside a vintage glasses and woven bag as accessories.

Berets have been a fashion item from way back.

History of beret 👇🏾

The first beret hat making factory was Beatex-Laulhere who used to produce beret hats during the 19th century for commercial use.

Although they claimed that people used to produce beret hats since 1820.

Beret hats have a lot of significant relation to war and the 1953 movie “Paratrooper” originally titled “The Red Beret”.

Berets completely enhance your style along with your personality. It’s funny and somehow interesting how the fashion trend from back in the days are being modified now and they appear like they are going no where.

*Whoever imagined that a tree branch could serve as a good aesthetic element? 😂😂😂😂

During the shoot for this outfit, what kept running through my mind was how people conveniently lie on the grass to take pictures (which I actually did), and people who love taking pictures with trees ( which I also did) 😂😂😂

I always considered it hilarious but there I was basking in the entirety of the jungle like the female Tarzan 😭😭😭

(You can call me female Tarzan). 😏

I have a lot on my plate, I have deadlines to meet but right now I just want to keep staring at my beautiful pictures till I sleep off. (You should do the same too☺️)

I’m optimistic about this week, and I sincerely hope it’s a fruitful week for us.🤞🏾

“Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” -Vivienne Westwood.

Thank you for always visiting my blog. If you’re a first timer, thank you for viewing this post. You can view my other posts Here and also check out my Instagram page here .

Love always, xoxo🖤

You got to this point, feel free to answer these questions and leave comments.


•Have you ever worn a beret?

•Do you own a beret and how would you rock it?

•What’s your favorite fashion trend?

Photos: Yusufshotme

Beret: My Mum

Top: Theseptember9brand

Pants: Gifted

Woven Bag: Lekki art market

Shoes: random

Glasses: Tejuosho market.

Hair: Thesisikiks

22 thoughts on “Berets? No regrets.

  1. You look Daaaaaaannnnnnggggg!!!!😍😍❤️…. Errrr I don’t see myself hopping on the beret wagon anytime soon. It’s one those things I admire on people but will never try on

    Liked by 2 people

  2. If I wear beret, my mummy will say I’ve join gang 🤦🏽‍♂️. Okay this particular blog post iss sweet, honest. I don’t like to read written content in my life 😭 that’s why my CGPA is the way it is, but this one is quite captivating yunno, lit pictures ! 😍😍 School’s got nothing against you 😂 worry not.

    Liked by 2 people

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