2020 is for self love amen?

Hey guys!!!

Safe to say HAPPY YEAR 2020 and I pray this year brings us nothing but bliss, positivity and serenity.

I really miss doing this !! Looks like I’ve been gone for years

Currently listening to EMO Grae ft Buju – 0903

(The song is fire and you should listen. If you don’t like it, I’m buying you a MIFI instead of returning your mb)😏

2019 summary

2019 was a rollercoaster of emotions. I parted ways with things, old bad habits, and so many things that if mentioned, won’t fit into this blog post.

It was a great year because I grew, experienced life changing moments and became aware of certain things I’d normally not pay attention to.

Of course things majorly didn’t go as planned for me and that’s alright.

Describing my 2019 in a picture :

Picture is quite explanatory.


So far, 2020 has been puzzling. It’s like you don’t know what to expect because this adult phase is an insane phase and things will catch you by surprise so you either adapt to whatever situation or you don’t survive at all. (The real gbas gbos) . I’m sure we all have our resolutions set already so I’m not gonna be cliché.

Really optimistic and looking forward to what this year has to offer .

I’m also doing my best to make my blog post more about lifestyle and personal experiences so its relatable to everyone.

2020 is for self love, amen?

As regards to self love, I recently truly learnt that “THEY WILL LOVE YOU WHEN YOU LOVE YOU”

I’ve been seeing/hearing related quotes and all of that but this hits differently and I think it’s because the second half of last year I was terribly battling with my mental health and myself.

I allowed self doubt deal with me, I allow life take charge of me instead of the other way.

I watched motivational videos about self love discovery and read articles online just to make sure I get better and I’m here to share them with you. (Might not work for you because we are different individuals but regardless…)

No 1 for me would be understanding my MENTAL HEALTH because that was/is everything.

1. Learning more about your mental health

Mental health is a topic people barely want to discuss because it’s usually too personal but before you can love yourself, you have to identify/tackle things that can affect your mental health and try the very best to avoid them. Mental health is a very delicate but important issue because it defines every human behavior (good or bad).

Let’s take a break, did you know you can’t breathe and swallow at the same time?😟

2. Put yourself first in EVERYTHING

If you’re to make a decision, you come first. Sounds selfish but ask your self “would it favor me? What will I gain? Is this good for my health? “ If the situation favors the other party more than it did you, please walk away.

3. Do things that’ll make you happy

So many exciting things to do:

•start a craft or invest in something you’re really good at.

•go see a movie by yourself.

•learn a new language.

•go swimming. If you can’t swim like me, learn.

•if you can afford to travel around, please do.

•stop being hard on yourself, it’s okay to make mistakes.

•take a break, write down your feelings/thoughts.

•watch comedy videos on YouTube or videos relating to your niche.

•pamper yourself (buy new stuff, try new foods, just be free)


4.Be unapologetic about being yourself

I’m sorry I won’t be sorry about everything/anything that makes me feel good. Do it for you, stop thinking about what people would say. It’s hard but they’ll talk regardless so why not favor YOU?

There’s light at the end of the tunnel. 🤍🖤

I’m elated that despite my inconsistency, you still put up with me and for that I thank you. You can check out my other posts here and also feel free to visit my Instagram page here .

Love always, xoxo🖤

You got to this point, feel free to answer these questions and leave comments.


•What did you learn in 2019?

•What are your major plans for 2020?

•How has 2020 been so far ?

Amazing pictures: blackprintgram

(He’s an amazing photographer, check him out)

36 thoughts on “2020 is for self love amen?

  1. Senami!!!like two days ago,I came back to reread every single blog post because I missed you a whole lot I’m holding on to the words in this blog post.Thank you


  2. The major lesson I learnt in 2019 was that nothing is permanent. Especially friendships.

    2020- I want to learn to be happy, believe in myself more, atleast travel once, get a career path and have more certifications

    2020 has been a roller coaster, January was so tough I thought I was going to die.


    1. My major goal for 2020 is learning the things I’ve not been able to do since i was born and also choosing myself more. Cheers to that.

      Sena your pictures are fire🔥🔥


  3. I really can’t breath and swallow at the same time😂

    Glad for growth. Mental health is often overlooked and I’m glad more people are beginning to talk about it.

    Let’s keep this energy


  4. Reading this was totally awesome and refreshing. It hit different this time.
    2019 for me was a year of a lot of inconsistency in virtually all aspects of my life. People did me dirty. Hell I even did myself dirty. But I made it.
    2020 I’ve decided to be a lot more deliberate. To not sit on the fence with decisions and to also work on my self development. 2020 is that “me” year while I still spread love as much as I can.

    Your blog is amazing. Keep it up!


  5. I’m glad you overcame and conquered!
    2019 was the beginning of adult phase for me (adulthood 101) but I’m still here and so we move 🙂

    2020- I’m just trying to ‘ Let God’. As easy or cliche as it may sound, it’s a lot more difficult and requires a lot of consistency and rest. I still have my plans and decisions to follow through but that’s it mainly.

    Keep standing tall Senami 🥂


  6. “Of course things majorly didn’t go as planned for me and that’s alright.”

    What I learnt in 2019 – things don’t work out as planned even when you have no plan

    No major plan for 2020 cause previous years trauma are still hunting me

    So far so good….


  7. Last year, I discovered how good communication is key in our relationships and interactions with people. So, this year, I plan to improve my communication and not just bottle issues up. I also want to learn new languages this year.
    Welcome back, by the way. We’ve missed you


  8. Really enjoyed reading your post. 2020 is definitely for self love.
    2019- it was such a good year for me. So much growth, self love and joy in my heart. I was so excited for what 2020 had to offer( Because its only upwards from here right?)
    2020- Wrong. January hit me hard. I was left feeling like i did january 2019. I got too complacent, i stopped consciously loving myself. And worst of all i thought the way i felt somehow cancelled my growth in 2019. All lies. Self love is a conscious thing is what I’m realising. Some days are harder that others but we’re still growing.

    Glad to have you back senami!


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