When in doubt, try layering.

Happy Easter darlings 🎊

It’s very unfair of me to keep my beautiful face away from you for so long.😌

Adulthood phase has been a scam so far but we move.

Currently listening to JHus- Friendly

I promised styling videos but since I haven’t dropped them yet, I’ll just post pictures.

You’ll catch me wearing 3-4 outfits just because I feel super comfortable in them. Fortunately for me, there’s a fashion term for that proofs I’m not crazy and it’s called “Layering”

I know layering is more relevant during winter and I know I’m preparing for an unforeseen winter too so join the winning team.😊

Got this beautiful mustard color wide leg pants from lucid’s ready2wear, it’s super comfortable, free and super sleek to wear.

I decided to wear it in 2 ways.

Look 1

I put a short pleated dress over it and used a yellow belt.

Now if you have wide leg pants or palazzo pants you can pair it with a short dress like I did.

This very look is so me😍😍

I completed the look with a leopard print high heeled sandal and a plaid mini bag I got from jumia.

Look 2

I paired the pants with a lace top and a denim skirt. I went out of my comfort zone for this look because I wasn’t sure if it’ll come out nice or whatever.

I fell in love with the look at the end of the day.

So if you have that skirt that doesn’t fit anymore or an old skirt you feel is too short, throw it over your pants 😉 (no piece is a waste)

I promise whatever you’re looking at isn’t my stomach 🌚

Finished the slay with a wine bag and same leopard sandals.

It doesn’t have to be a denim skirt, it can be any short skirt or any pleated skirt.

You could also wear it without the skirt.Remember all I do, I do for you 💕😌

See you next time with more styling pictures 💞

Beauty is strengthDiane Von Furstenberg

It’s always fun writing blog posts and taking pictures just to inspire your style.

It can get boring but you stick around and for that, I feel elated for real.

Thank you for being an amazing reader, if you’re new here, you can read my previous posts here and follow me on Instagram.

Love always, xoxo 🖤

Feel free to answer these questions and leave a comment 👇🏾

•Which was your fave look, look 1 or 2?

•Ever tried layering?

•Are you going to recreate any of these looks?

Photos by : Meetruru

My Beyoncé hair: Bbs_touch

Wide leg pants : Lucid’s R2W

Bag 1: jumianigeria

Bag 2: random

Pleated dress: thrifted

Lace top: gifted

Denim skirt: thrifted

20 thoughts on “When in doubt, try layering.

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