Trend in Red.

Hey guys, your continuous support keeps me going and I’m thankful❤️🤧

I’m going to be talking about popular fashion trends re-emerging from the 80’s and they are all going to be in RED!!season of love. (since I’m all about the vintage fashion).

1. Ruffles

Ruffles has always been a trend from back in the days and it’s re-emerging as a trend currently but in a more amazing way. It gives extra details to whatever it is attached to and makes a statement.

2.Structured suits.

This is my best trend because it has it’s versatility, it can be worn on its own, it can also be worn with a turtle neck top and even sewn with plaid material.

It’s just a beautiful trend and it also evolved from back in the days😃.

3. Fanny pack

Here in Nigeria, for a long time market women use this bag (called another name then) to save their money and I never ever thought this bag was going to come as a fashion trend. It just gives a different swag!

4. Ankle boots

Ankle boots are just an amazing pair. I’ve seen people rock them from laced boots, leather, suede, monochrome, all sorts!! They come in handy when clueless, be it dress, dungarees or trousers it goes regardless of the outfit.


Berets are just adorable, I see it everywhere now and when I told my mum she was like “you guys would make beret expensive in the market just like you did to turbans”. Beret is a must have accessory.

6.Matrix-style glasses

This is an evident retro look. I personally look forward to seeing more of this cute accessory.

7.Silk & Satin

A must have piece in your wardrobe, they are worn anytime of the year, even as thick or thin and they just give this natural glow all over. Been seeing this fashion on runway, street style fashion, and other fashion events. They are definitely a throw back trend.

Don’t forget to read through and leave comments.

Love always xoxo🖤

•Which is your favorite trend?

•Which trend isn’t here to stay?

•Do you love red?

Picture credit: Pinterest

27 thoughts on “Trend in Red.

  1. My favorite trend is definitely the fanny pack because its functional and cute as well as the ankle boots because of the various style options that they have.

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  2. Rocking it red… ‘Trend in Red’ until you pass Mushin and they relate with you, don’t give them their accurate cult response first 😂 you’ll know how red blood is.
    I actually like red and black together but most of the time, I look like an idiot when I try so goodnight lol 🙌🏾🔥

    Liked by 1 person

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