Flora my Flawa 🌹.

Happy valentine’s day darlings!! God is love and the most important love is self love, you have to be your own biggest fan because no one can support you like you.❤️

Red isn’t even on the list on my favorite colors but as a fashion lover, different colors come to play and you’re not allowed to overlook a beautiful piece of clothing because of a particular color.

I would have taken this picture outdoors because I love outdoor shoots and the freedom attached, but I wanted a red background and had no choice than to do an indoor shoot.

This outfit combination can be worn for a movie date or a casual dinner date, the outfit and footwear is real comfy.

I personally can wear this when going out for a few drinks with friends. The outfit has no restriction and to think that red will go on red has never been something I imagined but I decided to try it and it came out noooiiiccee!

I hope your valentine’s day went well?

I went for classes, attended a boring seminar and came back home to sleep. Not even a rose or anything from anyone 😭😭. Be sure to drop your opinions and a nice comment. Love always xoxo 🖤

•Are you team-valentine or anti-valentine?

•Was your valentine’s day boring?

•Thoughts on this outfit.

Shirt: Random market.

Shorts: Mademoisellemoore

Shoes: adidas Stan Smith.

Makeup: tht_glam

Styling: StyleSenami

Photos by Yusufshotme

37 thoughts on “Flora my Flawa 🌹.

  1. I am sitting on the fence when it comes to valentine. I don’t know if imto celebrate it or not. Instead I spent my day working StyleSenami, it was hectic. The sun in Abuja is intense. Since I got back, been lying in bed waiting for dinner to come to me. Btw like you said, never knew red on red could come out this gorg! And I love both shades. And the background 😍. It’s amazing! “Grey” I am about to cheat on you though coz I think “Red” will be the new you.

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  2. February 14 2018, Gosh it was a stressful day plus I was among those who organized a mini party for my classmates.. carrying stuffs under the hot sun then sharing was another work aff just met
    All in all I had fun with my classmates and friends.;

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  3. This piece is amazing and I absolutely love the outfit! You look glam girl♥️! valentine for me was rough, in between rushing between 5 hour long lectures & trying to prepare for an exam on Friday & having to rush back home before night falls!
    Love you loads your number 1

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  4. Wooow this piece is so gorg,I’m in love…
    After valentine I got ill cos of the stress I went through yesterday from going to church to listening to boring lectures and organising a get together for my adorable course mates….It was worth the stress but not to the extent of me not feeling my skin. It sucks

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  5. I have boyfriend o, but I’m very anti valentine this year. Ah!!! What the hell please? Who set all these standards and asked us to follow them because what I saw yesterday was beyond me. Nonsense 😭😭

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  6. Stressful day.. spent my day in an office. Was being interviewed and the questions were hard af. Didn’t prepare for it at all. But now I wished I had checked this blog that day. It could have made my day. You look gorgeous, but I think it’s the outfit not you. 😋😋

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  7. Great photograph; and great layout. The general look of your site, in itself, speaks volumes of your talent. Keep blogging; this is amazing for just a month of experience! 😊


  8. I love how rich he shades on red that you have chosen are I personally am not generally fond of wearing an outfit of all the same color outside of neutrals such as white ,black,or nude.But,this outfit flows together so seamlessly!

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