New year? Try pleats.


Happy new year guys!! ermm.. so this is my first post of the year and my actual first post.

I really hope I find enough time to post stuff on here because final year is time consuming!! As I write this, I have loads of assignments and a very painful boil in my left eye but then I’m just here listening to Davido’s “ADA” and preparing to sleep. I’ll wake up to reality tomorrow.


So I kept wondering , as a vintage fashion blogger what can i use to start my blog ….I opened my wardrobe and voila! this envy green pleated textured dress was staring at me, it wasn’t even difficult for me to put together the weaved yellow belt, fish net leggings and these laced boots. to be honest, when I got this “crocodile mouthed boots”, I didn’t like it and I had to send it to my friends to be sure. I just think the look is simple and unstressful (if there’s even a word like that) . Permit me to call it a “lazy look”


Of course I had to do subtle makeup because I felt there was a lot going on with my hairrrrrr. This Afro hair trend which started in the ’80s representing black pride was just the best hair for this outfit.


In other news, my 2017 didn’t go as planned but, I’m grateful for the gift of life and the lessons learnt. I hope y’all set your goals for 2018 already? starting this blog was part of my monthly goal, and I really hope to achieve a lot this year!



  • Do you think I nailed this look?
  • How would you rather slay this pleated texture mini dress?
  • Would you even rock this at all?


Finally, who said blogging was easy? No one! it’s 1:30am and I have school tomorrow by 8:00am. Put a smile on my face not only by reading through but also dropping a comment!!  THANK YOU FOR READING, LOVE YOU xoxo.

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Photos by yusufshotme

71 thoughts on “New year? Try pleats.

  1. Congrats on your first post girl! The outfit is AMAZING!! Classy vintage ❤️ Would definitely rock it!! Stay focused in school, on your blog & on style Senami


  2. This is lovely Sena!! Always admired your sense of style and its lovely seeing you put it to good use. Keep up the good work and be Brave! Everything’s lovely. 2018 is yours!


  3. I’m so happy you started dear. I’ll be here waiting on more posts.

    I noticed Yusuf has been shooting you lately…I hope Yusuf doesn’t use a gun😂😂😂.

    Great work you got going dear.😘😘


  4. This is amazing!!! You did it girl!! So excited and I can’t wait to be a part of this huge Brand! Ss 🙌🏽🙌🏽


  5. This is very cool.. Like you been doing it for long.. I read it like you were actually telling the gist to our faces.. Go girl!!!
    Yusuf shot you good.. With a gun i guess, cause those pictures are poooooow!!!! 💥💥🔥🔥


  6. I discovered your page on instagram and I found myself here on your blog.So far im enjoying reading your post.I am also starting my own blog post on instagram and was very inspired by your page.Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

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